Hi - Though I have had OS X 10.2 for awhile, I could never receive my mail when I tried to use it, so I have run old classic 9.2 forever, using Outlook Express 5.02. Anyway, I expreienced a MAJOR crash last week, so - since I lost EVERYTHING - I figured it was a good time to BEGIN using the 10.2 version.

I got everything set up (with help from my internet provider) but no longer have Outlook Express. Instead, I have "Mail". It works fine - with one exception - If I don't go into "webmail" at my provider's website and MANUALLY delete all received email, I just KEEP RECEIVING them - OVER & OVER!! Outlook didn't do that. It would dump the mail off the main server once I downloaded it to my home computer.

When I called my provider for tech support, they told me it wasn't a setting that they controlled, but rather a setting on MY program/computer that I needed to change. They said it would be called "Delete File on Server" or something similar - I can't FIND it!

When I called Apple support, they said that they would be happy to tell me how to change the setting - for $49.99! Can SOMEBODY out there help this ole' computer illiterate figure out what should be a simple problem?

Any assistance would be most appreciated - Thanks! Birdpatch

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