I have run my codes (written in Python) in my Notebook (3 GB Ram, Dual-core CPU T4500 @ 2.3 GHz) and in my lab machine (11.57 GB Ram, i7-920 CPU @ 2.67 GHz). However, I have found execution time in Notebook 250.3 seconds, and in Lab machine 333.2 seconds. How is it possible? Good configuration machine performs slower??? I reran the codes, same finding whatsoever. I run Windows 7 in my laptop, and Ubuntu 11.04 in lab machine. Both are 64 bit. When I ran my simulation in Notebook, I also did some other stuffs; however for the case of lab machine I did nothing other than running simulation only.

About the codes: Basically it simply solves some non-linear equations using "fsolve" along with some other calculations.

I will appreciate if some one discusses about possible reasons? For fair comparisons, in both machines I ran exactly the same codes. My codes are not parallelized, is this the main reason i7 processes show slower performance?

Thanks in advance,

Is the Python version same and both 32 or both 64 bits version? Could you post the profiler outputs?

Thanks for your reply. In Windows Python version is 2.6.5 (32 bit), SciPy 0.8.0; and in Linux, Python 2.7.1 (32 bit), SciPy 0.8.0. Well, profiler outputs show 98.8% time was consumed by "fsolve" while I did calculation in Laptop, and 98.5% time in Lab machine.

My codes (or "fsolve" itself) are are not parallelized, is this the main reason of slower performance by i7 processes?

-- Akand