Hello, I am new to C/C++ and I would like to make my first project something similar to torrent searcher and downloader and my first obstacle is how to add a search ability, I know how to add a "edit control" so that users can make a string what they would like to search, but how to connect it to torrent trackers? and download content back to them?

Let's put this in perspective. I will rewrite your question and see if you think your request is appropriate.

Hello, I am new to being a doctor (3rd year student) and I would like to perform my first surgery something similar to open heart surgery obstacle is how to find a patient willing to let me do the surgery, I know how to hold a scalpel and I know where the heart is, but how do I get through the rib cage to get at the heart??

OK, thank you, you cracked me up by the way :DDDD

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