I was wondering if there is anyway that i could open up Windows Explorer and use the search field in the upper right corner from my Windows form program.

The situation is that i build up a search string inside my program and i just want to open up windows explorer and use this search string to search with.

I've tryed looking around for an answer but I cant really understand what to do.

If anyone can be so kind to explain to me that would be simply amazing.


That is not what im looking for though.
Im looking to open up the windows explorer and then put my search string(from my program) into the search bar on the right.
The explorer.exe has no search option, only select file.
My search string is actually searching for words inside the file, not the file name.

To use the Explorer is a must?
Explorer uses the Indexing Service to speedup the searches, or literlally opens any text file to read the contents searching whatever you put in the serach field.

Maybe you need to use the old DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). To be used from a .NET, maybe you can use this library as an starting point.

If you prefer to use the Indexer Service, here you can find some interesting info.

Hope this helps