I'm new to python and need help using the turtle graphics that is on python. I don't know how to start it up or anything. Python is completely new to me and so is programming.

Well Mike, welcome to Python, I'm sure you'll love it. Here's a snippet by Vegaseat regarding TG http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/python/code/216557 Also there are tons of free ebooks on learning python, some handy tutorials at http://thenewboston.com "I didn't use them, but I viewed them after I learned the material and wished that I had had them before." As well as other tutorials, just google Python or check out Youtube.

Remember that there are currently 2 main versions of Python: Python 2 "Specifically Python 2.7" and Python 3, the current version of which is Python 3.2.2. Python 3 is the only one that is still being upgraded, to my knowledge there are only bug-fixes being supported on python 2. So choose one "or both" and make sure you're aware that there are difference as you go along. Good luck and we'll be here with you. Also remember, it's effort in effort out around here so if you want help with something you better show us that you're trying! :icon_cheesygrin:

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