for my final year project i'm trying to do an IEEE project which titles as DATA LEAKAGE DETECTION SYSTEM.....

Description : Aim of our project to develop Data leakage detection Model in which We study The distributor must assess the likelihood that the leaked data came from one or more agents, as opposed to having been independently gathered by other means.
We propose data allocation strategies (across the agents) that improve the probability of identifying leakages. These methods do not rely on alterations of the released data (e.g., watermarks). In some cases we can also inject “realistic but fake” data records to
further improve our chances of detecting leakage and identifying the guilty party.

IEEE paper:


This project is accepted but i does'nt know how to do this......i got the idea behind the project but not getting how to add the fake data mentioned in the project

Can anyone tell me how to do this...........

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