Hello all,
I am wondering is there anyway to get user input without using a textbox? Or is there anyway to hide a textbox and still get user input into and out of it?
I need to get user input but am finding it hard to get it without using a textbox, and I find it quite annoying having to click in the textbox whenever a user needs to scan a member card. Thanks for the help in advance.

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If they want to type something into your form, it has to go somewhere. You can always set the focus to the textbox so they don't have to click on it. There are also other controls you can use for input.

Really don't know what the problem is here.


You can use InputBox :D

Ok, trap some key event in form level: KeyPress, KeyDown or KeyUp. KeyDown or KeyUp might be most flexible choices.



Obviously I know that it has to go somewhere, I was just wondering if a user could input an int behind the curtain for of speak. But you guys have relieved my mind, sort of. Thanks!


Plenty I guess:
- - The game Tetris uses the arrow keys(see Teme64) to move the blocks on the screen.
- - A handscanner could scan a barcode of some item, look up info of the item in a DB and present it in a ListBox.
- - In a dictaphone application you would use a microphone.
- - With the right set of sensors you could have your own weatherstation that could represent temperature, humidity, etc. on your computerscreen.
- - etc., etc.

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