Hello friends,
I want your help for choosing a good topic for developing a C++ project(mini project). This project should take around 20-25 hours of coding time. Actually i am interested in compilers so i am thinking of developing a parser for C. But i dont know how i can use the OOPS concepts to develop a parser. So please tell me where can i use concepts of objects and where can i use inheritance or some other OOPS features.
And please give some topics(preferably related to compilers or networks) for developing a mini project so that i have some choice.

Thanks in advance

"tell me", "give me"; you realize that a large portion of programming consists of solving problems? You've decided that you want to write a parser, and that's a good project. You want to write one for C, which is far more than a mini-project that should take less than 30 hours. You would be better off designing your own simplified language and parsing that rather than trying to translate the mess of C's grammar.

That said, do your own work. Did you think that you could say "I want to do this", and expect everyone here to tell you how to go about it? If you don't know where to start, this forum is not the appropriate place to ask your question. The Software Design, Schema & Implementation forum would be better suited to requests for implementation strategies when you don't have code or clue. This forum is for problems with existing code, which you clearly don't have.