string[] field = moje.ToString().Split(("/").ToCharArray(), StringSplitOptions);

i am using this code, but c# always replies with

The name 'StringSplitOptions' does not exist in the class or namespace, do i need some upgrade of visual studio, or what? or what prototype? need help, thnx to all

that is because you copied from something before understanding what you were doing :D StringSplitOptions is optional for a start and is new in .net2 so unless you are using that leave it out. It is an enumerator so you cant just say StringSplitOptions you have to choose one of the enumerations you want

sorry... got me on a bad day yesterday
i would look up the string split on msdn and also the stringsplitoptions (if you have .net2 - vs2005) and enumerators.
but to get you going just leave out the stringsplitoptions for now so your code reads string[] field = moje.ToString().Split(("/").ToCharArray());

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