hey there,

I am trying to build a small around soccer/football matches. So, I have built a class that models a Match (Match.java). It only contains field variables like hostid, guestid, matchid, result, and such, and setter and getter methods.

When I retrieve matches from my sqlite database, I build a Match object out of each row, and add the object to an ArrayList<Match>.

So far so good. Now, when I want to put my arraylist on a JTable, I am having difficulties. I find JTable's constructor that accepts two parrameters JTable(Object[][] rowData, Object[] columnNames) very interesting, but I haven't built a method to put my Match fields onto an array to build the Object[][] rowData array.

I was wondering if someone could advise me on whether I should just build this two-dimensional array out of my Matches and their fields, or is there perhaps a completely different method to better display the info of my matches onto a table (something different from JTable).

thank you.

I can't see reason for creating ArrayList<Match>

look for (Vector<Vector<Object>> rowData, <Vector<String>columnNames)

some loop....
Vector<Object> row = newVector<Object>();
end of some loop....

or better

DefaultTableModel#addRow, then just JTable#setModel(DefaultTableModel)

hey mKorbel,
thank you for your reply. I will take your advise and proceed that way. appreciate it.

P.S. Let me congratulate you for how fast and how much you improved your English. Best regards.

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