how can i print specified number of records in using data report??

example, i enter number 5 in a text field. then, when i click a button,
the first five records will be generated into a data report with
their corresponding data and has it's templte per record.
meaning, the data that will be generated will depend on the number of
records the user will input.

tnx. im using MySQL and VB6.

do you how to fetch first 5 records from a table using SQL in MySQL ?

Let me think about that ..

How about -

dim sql as string
sql = "select tablename.* from tablename limit 5" 
' other things you'll need are defined elsewhere in your program

Now, you'll need to add the code that connects to mysql, then open the recordset and show the results to the user. There are About 2,070,000 results returned(0.12 seconds) for this question in Google.

:) it's been a really slow day ..