There are many tutortial about it, but all are olds or are for C..
if someone know any FRIENDLY site/forum/pdf to learn c++ please give it,
for my c++ window programming is like chines, because there is no any help like in VB/C#/F#/Java
and things work totaly diferent, example...

Adding Button in C#/Java

Button b = new Button();
b.text = "click me";

OR VB (Is a bit diferent from C#/F#/Java) but is not hard like C++

Button1 As Button; // dont know exactly
Me.Button1.Text = "click me";

AND IN C/C++ Is something like

case PAINT:
    HWND hw = CreateWindowEx(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x);

im really confused because CreteWindowEx used to create Window too, for button just change parameters :-sss pffff really c++ make head sh1t...

i no have idea how to add button/textbox/datagridview....

DAMN! C++ is language i like more than all others, and im "good" in CONSOLE applications, but when we talk for window appis, then really i dont know anything...

thats why i look for a good/easy guide, i need a guide/video for controls too.. how to add/manage themm

pff for 10000 time soz for my english

The entire win32 api is written in C language, not c++, hence there are few if any C++ tutorials. If you want strictly c++ then I'd suggest looking into wxWidets

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