I designed an application with vb2010 and i would like it to run on a Windows XP platform without the trouble of installing the .NET framework 4.0 and the VBPowerpacks module. I tried copying the DLL files of what i needed and placing them in the application folder, but it didnt seem to work.
Well i did my test on an old XP, SP2 platform. I dont know if i'm asking too much or just being naive, but its part of learning. Any imput will be appreciaated

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without installing framework you want to run your application on client system?

Well more or less. I'm using Inno setup to build an installer that will install the .NET framework and other needed addons, but the installer file will then become too bulky. I figured just using the dll will do the trick.

Well, what you code it in, by this I mean framework, is what you are going to need to run it. You can change it from 4.0 as most computers have lower version already installed. I am not sure how you would accomplish what you are wanting with just a simple DLL file but hey, there could be a way ;)

Yeah...I had a really rude awakening. Like Zed always says "Nothing is ever easy". Thanks for the hint though..try all i want i couldn't get it to work with just the .dll files, so i have to inbuild the installers.

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