I've been working on a little program for my company for keeping the records of some members, it's basically a WinApp, but since the company has a website in which certain people visit and become members i was wondering if i could update my DB from the website, provided that the guys who did the website are willing to help. but if they are i want to know how can i get the data from them ( i think they made the site with php and mysql). somebody told me that i could ask them to provide me with a web service that would give me (my program) the data in Xml format. can anybody help with this? i want to know where to start and what stuff do i need to know for this job.
thanks guys.

If they are willing to "help", just have them update a database table with the new members and you can go query it when you need to.

"just query it"? sorry man but it seems to me you just said go to moon and pick the sun flower but you didn't mention how :idea:. my problem is this "how" to do so. and it turns out they are obliged to help(for money of course! ).
thanks for the reply tho

Well, the first order of business would be for them to put the data somewhere.
If you require them to populate a database when new members come in, that's a good start.
They are probably already keeping such a repository.

The step after that (if you're going to continue using C# (or dot net)) would be to use some of the data access classes depending on which database type they use.

what exactly do you mean by database type? i mean like mysql or sql server or something else?