I have made a crystal report, to be able to display data from several tables in the same report I have made a few subreports. But when I display the report some of the subreports grow beyond the next report, why doesn't the next report moove further down and start after the first subreport is finnished?

I think I soved this on by adding sections and put one subreport in each section..
But I got another problem as well.

When I create the report I use the wizard and select the sql database I have on my machine, but if I have 2 identical databases on 2 machines and I want to be able to change this in runtime, anyone know haow I can do this??

i m not understand u r question properly but may be this one is help u ..Call your Subreport @ Report Header Section..bcoz in my project i call the every report's information so 1st call that information & then report.:)

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