Hey hi all,
I have an problem to assign a startup form in vb.net .
I have three forms
1) Registration Form
2) Login Form
3) Main Form
Firstly i have set set startup form as registration in properties =>Application
after registartion completed or saved i am displaying the Login form by hiding the registration form. and entering username and password it displays the Main form. Now the twist when i exit from application next time i started to run my project where i can check if their is entry in registration form it will directly goto login form.

anybody help me please , in c# we have program.cs file but what in vb.net

Thanks in advance

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Instead you do one thing,
First show up the login form and validate is user is already registered if not show the registration form.

bhagawatshinde, pgmer is right. The login form should be the first. if the user is validated, thnen show the Main form. If not, then show the registration form so the user can get registered then after registration, you can display the Main form.

Thanks for valuable reply Pgmer,Netcode.

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