Hello there!

anybody can help me how to execute this application? Thanks you very much!

Here's the application goes:

Write an application that contains four command buttons. The command buttons should be blue and have boldfaced, italicized caption that read change color, change bold, change height, change width. When the user clicks one of the command buttons the appropriate property should change inside click() event procedure. Use a Select case statement to determine which property should change based on the events procedure’s index argument.

i need the code of this exercise on how it work. Thank you very much....

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Use a select case statement and an array of command buttons called something say cmdBtnProp.

So you should have cmdBtnProp(0), cmdBtnProp(1), etc....

Then whenever the user clicks on one of the buttons, it will point to the same section of code. At this time, you'll use the Select Case mechanism to determine which button was pressed

Select Case Index

Case 0

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case Else

End Select

Write the appropriate code inside of each case statement. That's one way. That should get you started.

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