i need to make a purchase order and sales invoice to print in vb6. i used datareport. i already have a code that i can't get to work. i uploaded http://www.savefile.com/files/7624022

it gave me this error.

Run-time error '-2147217900(80040e14)':

Data shape command text contains a syntax error at or near position 114 in the command. The text near the error is: "Command2 RELATE) AS Command2".

when i clicked debug, it pointed me to the line

DataEnvironment1.Command1 (Combo1.Text)
this is the only thing left to do to finish my project. i really gotta make this work. hope you guys can help. thanks!


I am attaching the zip file contaning the modified version of your project. It now shows the Report with the Data. I guess this is what you did like to see.


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hi, thanks for the modified program!! it's working! thank you so much!!

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