hello there it my first thread on this forum.
well i need some help.
See i am thinking abt making my own video player not for any project kinda thing but for my wish and knowledge. I am good in C and java, with help of C i learnt c++ and thinking abt learning C# in deep.I just know basics of C#.

Can anyone give me some idea about how it works etc.. somewhere on the net i found a portable video player's source. But for my bad luck the major part was put in a dll. So what C code i got was just the window and buttons etc.. I wanna know how you can read those characters in the file and put them on the screen like video without and lag and simultaneously play the audio.

Can anyone pls help me?

Eh C is more based for Console App. C++ or Java. I mean you will have least problems and it will take less development time using Java if you hit up Netbeans you can have a working skeleton pretty fast.

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That's a good suggestion. Using one of the managed code languages is easier. However, the managed code languages were more than likely developed with C.

Eh C is more based for Console App.

The majority of the Windows API is written in C.

But most Operating System's have a media player that you can call that will handle the video and the sound at the same time. Once the media player recognizes the extension, it will play the file.

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