hi guys,

i have a problem regarding on how to view the image in the database when i select one information in my list view. and change it when i select another.

Public Sub studentList()


Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset

With rs
.Open "select * from tblStudentProfile", db, 3, 3

While Not .EOF

ListView1.ListItems.Add , , !StudentID
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(1) = !StudentLastName + ", " + !StudentFirstName + " " + !StudentMI
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(2) = !Age
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(3) = !Birthdate
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(4) = !HomeAddress
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(5) = !ContactNo
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(6) = !HSYear
ListView1.ListItems(ListView1.ListItems.Count).SubItems(7) = !HSSection
txtIDpicture.Text = Me.ListView1.SelectedItem.Text
If txtIDpicture.Text = Me.ListView1.SelectedItem.Text Then

Me.CommonDialog1.FileName = !ProfilePicture
Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(CommonDialog1.FileName)

End If


End With
lblTotal.Caption = ListView1.ListItems.Count

Set rs = Nothing

End Sub

Use the ItemClick event

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Private Sub ListView1_ItemClick(ByVal Item As ComctlLib.ListItem)
    Dim strItem As String
    strItem = Item
    Debug.Print Item
    ' Use strItem as the basis for SQL query
    ' Write the code
End Sub

ah only need to copy and paste my code in that item click event? OK.
Sorry for the post.. i'm new here