Well I was an old vb.net programmer,but not very professional and so with Java.
I know the basics stuff how to think and how/why to write variables, methods, functions, threads, networking using streams or packets, and even I can write a database program which retreive records and insert records in database, etc... But I don't know how to be professional, I don't know how to practice programming.

I mean, how can I practice in programming?

Another problem is that for me I like Java programming and I want to be an Android programmer, but the fact is that when I open Netbeans I just getting bored fast. The opposite in VB.net, i was programming like 4 hours a day in vb.net. So why do I feel this feeling?


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maybe because Java programming is not your thing? and whaat exactly do you mean by: i know how to program, but I don't know how to be professional, I don't know how to practice programming?

I mean, if you ask me to do something like calculator, database thing or a program which has simple idea I can do it. But recently I was looking through a source code of a project which was focusing on some topics (Threads and networking...) and I didn't get how the program was made.

I think you won't understand me because my english is not good.

Java only makes sense if you are thinking in an object-oriented way, which VB gives you no preparation for. In VB you just write code and it does what you expect, and the reward is instant. In Java you spend much more time thinking about the object structure and the responsibilities of classes (as defined by the signatures of their public methods). You then go through a mundane stage of setting up the low level classes. Finally - at last! - you construct your application using your low-level classes and it's brilliant! So check out the stuff on the web about O.O. design, and stick with it - the rewards come at the end, and they're worth it.

Is there any website that make exercises such as giving us tasks to do or something to encourage me to go deep in Java?

there are enough sites with tutorials and such to helpyou get started. the tutorial section on the oracle site is a good place to begin.

*Sorry It was just a quick look*

Thanks. :D

well ... in that case, learning by practice would be the best way, I guess

Just edited my previous reply, thanks.

OK. If you're past that stage then it has to be a real project next. There's no substitute for something a bit complex where you can't skip over the tricky bits. Do you know chess? Starting from an object design and an MVC architecture you can code a chess program (for two human players) with all the rules (including castling) and by the time you get to the end you will have learned something. If you think this is interesting I can help keep you on a strict OO/MVC path...

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