i have a vb program , i want to run this program on my local intranet , is it possible that my program remains on a single pc and all other pc will access the same from that single location , i have used crystal report tool also , is it possible to access the program from that pc which do not have vb and crystal report installed on them ,can run smoothly the program ,but i do not want to install any setup of the same program on different diffrent m/c ? pls suggest ,can i run this program by simple short cut icon .

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As far as I know you will have to install the VB runtime, and probably also the Crystal runtime, files on each PC that will run your program. Once you have installed those support files you can run the program over the network as long as any specific DLLs, OCXs and TLBs are installed on each PC.

If I am wrong and anyone knows a way to do this without installing the runtime files I will be glad to hear the solution

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how do i run my visual basic 6 program on a network and also my crystal report that was created using visual basic 6. thanks


just create a shortcut to the file and save it on your desktop

remember to ensure that the client pc you are running from has the relevant dll's installed

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