Hi all,

As the title says, I have to create a C++ program (for my thesis) that will solve all the motion equations and have a graphic of the moving engine system.

I've done all the "heavy" lifting but I am stuck on the graphics part as I haven't work with graphics in C++ before.

As requested by my thesis topic, I am using Embarcadero's C++ Builder and I would like some ideas on which libs or components would make my life a bit easier.
I've already found SDL to be a good candidate but it turns out to be a pain in the "behind" when it comes to using it with existing graphical components of the VCL lib (forms for example) so any easier to implement tools would be helpful.


Well I am posting again just to give another chance to the thread but it seems that no one is actually using Embarcadero's tools :/
Well if anyone has any idea I am bit sort on time so any help would be rather welcome.
Thanks again.

Maybe give openGL a look. Not sure how well Embarcadero's tools would fit into that.