i am creating an audio Player .

I just wanted to implement this particular iTunes software feature i.e COVER FLOW , in which songs appears in thumbNails and with the help of left & right arrow keys we could
scroll the playlist

I was wondering if anyone could help me out

I am using NetBeans as IDE .


Do you have a particular problem or do you just want someone to code it for you? If the latter, you're not going to get that kind of help here. Please post specific problems and show that you have tried to solve them on your own.

Perhaps you're looking for a group to work together on this? Or ideas and problems?

This is usually a place for source code and bugs to be worked out after you've already done a good deal of the coding. Or to help with error messages and the like.

Hopefully you can explain your questions a little more and we can help you out.

I was looking for , ideas (Apis) , how to implement it & if its possible in java.

I am not asking anyone to code for me @ Slimmy

Here are some thoughts:
Start with a collection of equally-sized Images containing the cover art.
Work out how to animate a single image as it moves across the window. You'll probably have to use the transform methods on Graphics2D to change the shape of the image according to its horizontal position. Maybe you can do that with the shear method, or maybe you will have to delve into the full AffineTransform class to get he appropriate shape changes - it's going to need a lot of trial and error I think.
Once you can transform a single image you can go back to the full collection of images and draw them all in the right order to get the desired overlapping.
Overall I think this is doable, but will need quite a bit of time to get the transforms right. There's also a danger that the performance will be a bit jerky on slower machines without some serious optimisation, but there's no way to deal with that until the code is working.
It's a very interesting project - I'll watch this thread to see how it goes and help where I can.

Thanks JamesCherrill , PkayC, Slimmy .

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