Hey all. I am attempting to build a java applet with just a textfield and a button for a search on a web site. When the button is pushed, I have it set up to look at what the user typed into the textfield and then match it to either a UPS tracking number, an ebay product number, or just a search for an item on ebay. I have figured out how to do all of this, but then is it possible for the applet to open up a new browser window and go to an address I plug in?

Hi everyone,

If you are talking about internet explorer then you can use the runtime class but you can also use the JEditorPane as it renders most of the html of a web page correctly

Richard West

what I mean is I have created the search bar. when someone pushes the search button, I want the applet to open a new browser window to a URL that's based on the user's input, but I don't know how and I'm confused on what to search by for it.

That should be impossible. The applet sandbox prevents applets from doing ANYTHING on the client computer, and that includes opening browser windows.
This is for security reasons.