Does anyone have a link to a good article or guide on creating help files that work with Windows XP, Vista and 7?

I've used a program in the past to create help files, but it was a demo product and quite costly (and if I recall poorly supported). I was hoping there was something released by Microsoft that was simple to use so my application can have help links in it.

Any help (ironic) on creating help would be great!

Is this is that you're looking for: Microsoft HTML Help 1.4 SDK? :)

Was that included with VS?

I downloaded the editor and installed it and it said something along the lines of "this computer has a newer version of HTML Help already installed"

I never remember installing it. Hmmm...

I guess this is it. Looks like the newest version and should work with to figure out how to do it :)


yes cause it is the windows help so it is installed when you install windows! the same thing happened to me too!

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