I don't even know where to begin with this one, but I'm wanting to create a couple graphic controls that at least appear to be in 3D (not stereoscopic but as in not a 2D flat image) and can rotate and move back and forth on an illusional Z axis. Any links and information on this topic is useful.

I know how to create a fake Z-Axis with controls on a form. The problem is creating beveled sides and imaging blah blah blah.

// Simple pseudocode for fake z-axis:
if (movingaway)

else if (movingcloser)

That's all in camera view and is the basics of a z-axis.


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This is easy in WPF, but then again WPF is a hard nut to crack.

I've come up with a sort of simple solution for the placement on Z-Axis illusion. Just working on angles, bevels, shadows, and glows now.

public class 3DCoordinates
	public int X {get; private set;}
	public int Y {get; private set;}
	public int Z {get; private set;}

	public 3DCoordinates(int X, int Y, int Z)
		this.X = X;
		this.Y = Y;
		this.Z = Z;

public class 3DControlEffects
	public static void PlaceControl(3DCoordinates Coordinates, Control YourControl)
		YourControl.Location = new Point(Coordinates.X, Coordinates.Y);
		YourControl.Size = new Size((YourControl.Width - Coordinates.Z), (YourControl.Height - Coordinates.Z));
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