Hi everyone,

I have been working with VB6 for about a week now, so I'm still a newbie. I have a pretty big project coming up and I have a question relating to the capabilities of VB6.

I want a GUI that has a "Model" tree on the left, and a bunch of options, text-boxes, drop-down menus etc. in the main form, which are dependent on the branch that is selected in the model tree. In this tree, there are branches that allow me to edit my model, define analysis parameters, perform an analysis, view graphs etc. So I want to be able to click on any branch, with the form loading/showing the appropriate options for the user to play with.

As I said, this is new to me, and so I'm not in need of any code. Just the assurance that it's possible, and maybe a brief outline on how to do this. Hope this is clear for everyone. Thanks

Yes you can definitely do this in VB 6.

You can potentially set this up as an MDI project with a container form holding a form with a Tree on the right, and then you will load other forms with the desired elements on the left depending on the selected tree node. OR you can have just a single form with a treeview on the left of the form and then you can dynamically make other form elements ( for user input ) visible or hidden on the right as needed depending on the tree node selected. For just a few nodes either approach can work, but if you will have many tree nodes ( and many different User Input styles ) then I'd probably go with the MDI approach as less confusing and easier to debug.

I hope this is helpful.

Jeff Bennett

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