Hello !

I want to make an application ( Win 32 - DLL Output )
That do two things :

1) executes in application with system( "C:\blalblala\lol.exe" )
2) sends an email

at 1 ) it is working but i don't wait to wait for exit ( ex : if my applicaiton lol.exe before exists it stays 5 seconds, my application is stucked 5 secconds until the process is killed )
I want a solution for that.

2) I dont know how to do that )

Some help please, urgently !
This is not for hacking. I want to use that dll to a game as a module that sends emails when player is joining
I posted on 5 different websites and they closed my topic with the reason : This is for a keylogger / hackng appp !
Please help, this is my last hope !