hello , let me know , what is the best way to learn c++ efficiently , reading c++ books and doing exercises based on the each capter , or read a book , then to solve exercises?. I'm waiting a reply from those experienced people . Thanks.

do what you read about, as you read about it.
There's no substitute for hands-on experience.

I think you should do exercises based on each chapter. I am a newbie in this field, but it works well for me. Practice is the key. When I first opened the book, I couldn't even make sense of the programs written in there, now I can confidently write a pretty moderately difficult program without errors in one go. I would recommend you to learn the "C" part of C++ and then move on to the Object oriented part.

oh thank you very much)

any more advices?

There is no point to learn c/c++, no one today work with consoles and about GUI in C/C++ just nevermind it friend...

personaly i like C/C++ syntact but books learn you only console, and the truth is GUI part is a hard part, you cant do much things, just go VB/C#

if you want to follow c/c++ gui programming then you must discover the wheel :)

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I write and work on console apps EVERY day. I usually use C#, now, but 99% of server-side code is not graphical.
Even if you are working on a GUI, you can still do it in C++.
Even if you are working with web output, your modules can still be done in C++ (even or ASP.NET).

My suggestion is to get involved in a real-world project -- possibly a product that you need to use yourself.

There's nothing like living with your own bugs :)

I try to learn the logic and concepts before learning any new syntax it helps a lot. I am guessing make as many programs as you can try to make any excuse to make a program. Most importantly have fun!! :)

As we know in most languages to create an control you must include library and then create an object of control you want...


using system.windows.forms;

// Global
Button btn;

private void mybtn()
  btn = new Button();
  btn.tex = "hi emo";

in c work like:
you must include too library, and then you must draw the control

#include "windows.h"


  wc.size = sizeof(WNDCLASS);

 [B] // Lets create window
  HWND hw = CreateWindow(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,);

  // Lets create button ...?
  HWND hw = CreateWindow(x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x);[/B]

  // Lets create Ritch Text Box???

ahhh , big head pain...

Guys there is any book about this? or any site can help me with controls?
The funny with me is, i know console programming (junior stage) but if you say me to create an simple notepad in C/C++ i can't ://
in C# i can create you everything ;p even an OS ;pp (funny);p