Well then i am currently developing a web browser project based on Cef Sharp. It's basically chromium for C# projects. Anyway its very loosely based on it. I'd like some help too be able to incorporate Flash Player into this project. Whenever i go to youtube as a test it says i need to update flash player. Flash player is not currently in use and i havent a clue how to get it too.

So basically i'd like some resources, some help or just anything you can add to help me be able to add Flash to my web browser project. I am not using the .Net browser!

Also i can write this in c++ if it'd be easier to use that.



All you need to do is download flash player from the Adobe website. Make sure when it asks for your browser type you select the "Other browsers" option and *NOT* internet explorer.

Chromium doesn't come with built in flash support, that's added to Chrome. If you want to add flash support, you will need to alter the Chromium source to load the flash plugin.
If you do, make sure you are licensed to distribute Flash Player as they can come down on you with a heavy fine if you aren't licensed.

Any idea's how to load the plugin into my application? I'm pretty sure I could figure it out but if you had any resources I'd love to see them.

I will look at licensing thanks for telling me that because I hadn't know about it.



I'm not sure, but you will have to alter the chromium source code. Then, you will need to re-compile CefSharp with the new Chromium library.

As we simply install flash on all the machines anyway, this has never been a problem for our company, as, provided it is installed, it will work fine anyhow.