i need some help..:'(

i created 20 tables in ms access.. and only one table is connected to vb 2008 using the DataGridView?.. how can put the remaining tables in ms access to the vb 2008?..

thanks for the replies.. i hope that someone can help me in this matter.. Godbless..

Question 1 would be Why would you want to put 20 tables in a DatagridView at one time? You can 'Join' the tables in your sql query to get the fields of all 20. You can query each table creating a different datatable totaling 20 in the dataset and switch from table to table displaying them on the datagridview but it will be 1 table at a time. You must realize that the structure of all 20 tables must be alike to dump all of them in the datagridview at one time.

I have not seen your Database and just guessing here, but it sounds like you need to 'Normalize' your database.