Dear All,
I got a standalone application where I update 3 db at one time. One on local db, one is central db and one more is the its exact copy of local db in the central server. So I have been using the normal begin and commit when there is no problem I commit for all 3 one by one. I know is not a function supported by .net connector. So at times it fails to update the central db. Any solution please?

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The MySQL Enterprise edition supoports replication based on row changes or on statements.

Instead of commiting the same change 3 times, you only will need to do the change in the local db and will be replicated on the central ones automatically.

You can visit the for more info about the editions.

Hope this helps

Dear Lola,
I cant find anything on your link stating about statement level replication. Beside the enterprise edition is there any other work around?

On this page, there is the following info:

Replication Modes

MySQL Replication is asynchronous and enables data to be replicated from one MySQL Master to one or more MySQL Slaves. Plus, MySQL Replication supports multiple logging types to optimize performance for each of the types of updates made to the database.
Row Based Replication - Individual rows are replicated, rather than SQL statements, which is most appropriate when updates affect only a few rows. Fewer locks are needed which allows higher database concurrency.
Statement Based Replication - SQL statements are replicated, rather than the actual data being updated. For updates that affect many rows, Statement Based Replication results in less data being logged.
Mixed Format Replication - MySQL can dynamically change between the replication formats discussed above in real-time, according to the event being logged

Maybe you need to log in to see this info (I needed)

Hope this helps

Dear Lola,
Thank you I saw it. But is there any other alternative beside this? Thank you.

Not from my knowledge with MySQL.

In MS SQL Server, you can add other servers as known servers, and do a distributed transaction. Maybe tou can read here for more info.

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