i need codes to register 1 cricket player
date of birth
contact number
national identity card number
email address
batting style
bowling style
training date
and submit button
when member is registered he will receive a member id
when member wants to log in he must type his member id and if details are correct display
member details else display error massage "incorrect member details"
(please help me)(guys try to make it very simple because i know only the basics)

You haven't event shown that you've attempted it, i'd help you if you had tried and were stuck with it. someone else might give you the program or i'm sure you could pay someone for it . . .

money is not every thing if you help some one thats a good thing according to any religion.any way thanks for your help

i'm an atheist . . . you not watched the news lately ? a lack of money is the cause of all Europes problems

I agree with CrisHunter:
If you want to bring religion into it, we would much rather teach you to fish than give you a fish.

Religion has little to do with it, it's one of our forum rules:
- Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from assignments.