hello friends

As the tittle say , i just would like to know if there is possibilities to change the graphisme of the Button : color , form , insert image on the Button ... , Thank you for answering , good luck :) .

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config options when creating the Button or after with config method. If you want more freedom then you must write button handler from other widget like Canvas. For myself I used in my calculator 2 GIF images for groups of buttons (

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Do you mean pyw? It is normal Python file, but not showing the console window.

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Thabk you PyTony for answering , can u tell me how please ? :)

Hello friend PyTony , I just see some exemples of code here , but i didn't find a realy modified Buttons still , ok , I will look to these links you gave me , and tell you if this satisfy my curiosity about having Buttons as we imagine , thank you very much .

I just saw the Tuto , i could insert image to Button , but couldn't have the form that I like , and specialy the size ...I will see the code u gave me now .. :)

But conserning the code of your sweet calculator , i work only with Tkinter ... no pywix , thank you very much

no pywix , thank you very much

What is that?

I don't know , i found a file that have extension .wpy , i don't know what is this ...

Do you mean pyw? It is normal Python file, but not showing the console window.

Ah ok , i see , will , thank you very much pyTony for your answers , i could finaly insert an image in a button , and modify it look a bit .
But I still need to know if i can have an image as a button , an image that i click and do the command , thank u very much again friend .

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