As a beginner VB 6.0 user, i have tried to make a simple database-link VB project. There were problems when i used a Microsoft Access Database which have some combo-boxes field (made by look-up wizard options). Is there any way for me to make the combo-box field in the database to appear also as a combo-box in my VB project? Your kindly helps are really appreciated. :)

Hi, Data Combo Control is available for look up. It can be automatically filled from a database field.

I'm using VB 6.0 with service pack 6.0, but i found there are no such Data Combo Control in the Components option. There are only things like Data Bound, DataGrid, DataList and DataRepeater.. Can u plz guide me, how can i find the Data Combo Control?

Data Combo is available in Microsoft Data Bound List Controls 6.0 (DBList32.ocx).

Thank you sir.. Now I've already found the Data Combo Control.. But, there were problems occured in this trial project. I can't list the lists of month and year that i put in the "Month and year" table in the "allotment request" database. Can u plz check my "allotment request" database, to see if i had made a right format of table in it. And also, if u don't mind, can u plz link the database to my trial project named "Combo Box" in the folder i attached with? Maybe it can be a good sample for me, to make me understand thoroughly about this problem. Your kindly help is really appreciated. :)

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