As a beginner VB 6.0 user, i have tried to make a simple database-link VB project. There were problems when i used a Microsoft Access Database which have some combo-boxes field (made by look-up wizard options). Is there any way for me to make the combo-box field in the database to appear also as a combo-box in my VB project? Your kindly helps are really appreciated. :)

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I'm using VB 6.0 with service pack 6.0, but i found there are no such Data Combo Control in the Components option. There are only things like Data Bound, DataGrid, DataList and DataRepeater.. Can u plz guide me, how can i find the Data Combo Control?


Thank you sir.. Now I've already found the Data Combo Control.. But, there were problems occured in this trial project. I can't list the lists of month and year that i put in the "Month and year" table in the "allotment request" database. Can u plz check my "allotment request" database, to see if i had made a right format of table in it. And also, if u don't mind, can u plz link the database to my trial project named "Combo Box" in the folder i attached with? Maybe it can be a good sample for me, to make me understand thoroughly about this problem. Your kindly help is really appreciated. :)

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