I'm new to VB.Net i was asked by my professor to create and pass an application (He didn't mention any specifics so i'll take it as creating my own application)

So i'm thinking to create something simple and it include something like opening a form within a form
For example when i click a button it will direct me to another form.

How do they do it?
-Creating a new form within a named project.
-Opening it via the main form.

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If using Visual Studio:

Open visual Studio
Create a new Project -> Windows Forms Application
Give the project a name and create it.

This will show you a blank form labeled form1 with nothing on it.

To add another form go to Project - > Add Windows Form to add the other form

Now, from form1 add a button. You can name it what you want it to be named.

Once you are finished double click the button.

This will bring up the code editor.

From the button click procedure type:


form2 should be replaced with the name that you had given the second form you had added.

This should be an easy way to add and launch another form.

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