Alright guys, I'm kinda new to python.

I've made a kind of an organiser program that allows you to make entries with deadlines, write them to a text file and display them in human readable format when I want it to.

I first made it in command line and it worked perfectly there but when I tried to make a GUI for it with Tkinter, I split it into multiple files and classes for easy handling and tried to make it read stuff from a file for a start.

I get the error AttributeError: 'FunctStatements' object has no attribute 'difference' when I run my code.

Here's the initialization of FunctStatements in the module ""

self.FunctObject = FunctStatements()

and its use in the same module

def WriteToList(self):
        for x in self.FunctObject.readfile(self.path):
            self.StuffDisplayer.insert(END, x)

Here is "" which does the actual File I/O

from datetime import date
import datetime

class FunctStatements:
    def readfile(self,path):
            self.f = open(path, 'r')
        except IOError:
            print("Cannot open file\n")
        self.line = self.f.readlines()
        self.number = 0
        for x in self.line:
            if(x[0] == '1'):
                self.entering = x
                self.number += 1
            elif(x[0] == '2'):
                self.description = x[2:]
            elif(x[0] == '3'):
                self.deadline = date(int(x[2:6]), int(x[7:9]), int(x[10:12]))
                self.difference = self.deadline -
            if(self.difference.days >= 0): #this line returns the error
                self.output = ("Entry no: " + str(self.number) + "\n" + "Date and time
of entering: "\
                      + str(self.entering) + "Message: " + str(self.description) + \
                          "Deadself.line: " + str(self.deadline) + "\n" + "Days left: " + \
                          str(self.difference.days) + "\n")
            self.outputlines = []
            yield self.outputlines
    def __init__(self): =

Judging by the looks of it, I guess the problem is staring me right in the face.:-/

difference is uninitialized from alternatives '1' and '2', do you mean it to be indented inside branch for '3'?

Sorry, Tony already answered. The indent is probably incorrect.

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Yeah thx guys ur right, this indent stuff is still kinda confusing, im actually a java programmer

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