I am at the beginnig of the softphone project for my university final project.. I will implement a softphone with using SIP protocol and C++ language on linux.

I need some advice about tutorials, usefull API and whatever which will help me.


any advices?

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I would get the source code for like, linphone or some such, and see how they did it. There may even be a library to handle the SIP information for you. If not, you can at least see what they did. A Good place to start is the SIP RFC.

I am at the beginnig of the voip-sip project... I want to implement the voip-sip for the residential gateways using C in linux. specially i want to know about how sessions has to be created to communicate between two users? please who ever knows about this , kindly reply me.


pjsip is a very good sip stack.


have you every developed any client server software?
You need to know about client/server, tcp/udp, sip, rtp(codec)

take it slowly, and start with simple sip client.

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