I have recently written a VB.NET application and I am stuck on the deployment.

I can't use the ClickOnce, because the program has to be installed on the machine under program files, therefore, I use InnoSetup.

My problem is that the application requires sqlclient and .net 4.0 to be installed, and I am EXTREMELY green to InnoSetup scripts.

Does anyone know how to make InnoSetup check to see if they are installed, if not install them without prompting the user?

I have searched high and low and can't find a relevent article to my needs. Some are for online downloading, when I need local downloading only, and others are for runtimes.

I just can't seem to find an article that shows how to install automaticly and silent.

Anyone have any ideas?

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when u build ur project , for making exe , the panel where u add ur bin files and set icon to ur program , there is solution window on ur right side ,right click on it and a new window will open , on the next window u found the prerequisite button , press it ,
then select ur prereuisite , from the selection panel , like windows installer , dot net framework , etc , then there will b 3 option in the bottom select 2nd option then , press ok , and build ur project as u do normaly , thats it , now when ever the peron run the setup if prerequisite are not installed before then setup will automatically install them.
hope this will helps u :)


M.Waqas Aslam

I have done as you have said above, but my only problem is that I need sql server native client to be bootstrapped too. Anyone know how to do this?

I have abandoned Inno Setup and I am using Install Shield. I have created the setup solution and added the files that are prerequisets, but how do I make it install when they are not present?

I have already used the new requirement wizard, the only thing you can do there is check if it is there, if not prompt the user.

I need to know how to force install if it doesn't exist on user's machine.

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