im Python Programmer , and i want to start write application to android operating system.
i can to develop with python? and i want that the Client will be run the application without something installed before (Like Python interepter and etc)
How i can ?

you can write scripts or develop apps in python for android; but they need the sl4a and py4a to run.

it is necessary to have them installed in order to run python apps.

As mentioned Sl4a. You will need to install python for android, which now is a different project and offers 3rd party libs like Twisted.

You can compile your scripts and distribute on the android market as you please.

I would suggest just learning Java and writing apps the right way. Will make things much easier.

If you really want to stick with python on android, you are limited. You wont get full api access and only basic ui. They are working on getting more robust ui support and have examples in the scripts with py4a. I've never gotten the xml layouts to work with my device though, keep getting encoding errors. The basic context menus and input work just fine. Examples on my blog, and the tutorials section.