I have achieve to populate my combobox from sql and from this combobox to populate a textbox but now I have to do something more complicated.I would like to populate a combobox from an other combobox choice. And what i mean is that I have a table with Streenames and Postcodes. What I want to do is fistly to choose the Streetname from the one combobox and the interface to appear the Postcodes to the second combobox. Secondly, the postcode combobox should appear more than one postcodes because it is probable that the same streetname maybe belongs to more than one region(postcode).
If some of you have any suggestions pls let me know!

thnx in advance!

do you mean post code must be displayed in 2nd combo related to streetname....can you explain in detail

yes, that's exactly!

My table with addresses has a column with Streenames and a column with Post Codes. I want to choose a Streetname and its Postcode to be displayed at 2nd combobox.

I could use a textbox to display the postcode but i don't do this because a streetname is possible to be assigned to more than one post code.

it' s ok!! the solution is at thread "Cascading Comboboxes VB"

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