I have a project, it's simple game just to make a game called congklak. it is traditioanl game from Indonesia. The project has finished, and work, well compiled, all components like package, database (*.mdb), and all the pictures are read by programs. But when it's deployed, the pictures and database cannot detected by the programs.

All the picture are link in ImageIcon class with valid path, and the database using JDBC.

I deploy it with Eclipse Indigo. The project is deployed but not well-deployed because pictures and database are not detected.

Help me please, i'm new in java

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Hey if10066 can you please clarify what do you mean by deployed ? Do you mean just package them in a simple jar file or is this a web application which you are packaging in a WAR and deploying to some web server ???

If you are bundeling the mdb and rhe image files in you Jar, I do not correctly recollect, but there is a special way of accessing resources inside a JAR file. If you search the forum I am sure the question (accessing non-java resources in jar file) must have been answered before.

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