I'm a student and I've been using Turbo C++ (v4.5) for over a year now (that's what they teach us at school). I just attempted to try writing a simple code in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express. I've even had a few successful runs, but when I look into the folder where I keep my files, even for a simple "Hello World" program, it takes over 6MB space, even when the source code is just 1KB and the exe file 80KB. This was attributed to an "SQL Server Compact Database Edition File".
All I want is a neat folder with the exe file and the source code next to it, like I had with Turbo C++ (hope you know what I mean). I admit, 5MB is not much, but it still irritates me. Is there a solution?

Solution 1: Use a different compiler
Solution 2: Get over it

It really depends on the type of project you're making.
The precompiled header will take up a lot of space, too.
Those "plumbing" files are not necessary for deployment, but really help compilation and debugging.

If you're making a native app, you can turn off the precompiled header.
If you're making a WinForms app or a CLR app, you'll need it.

Other languages under .NET don't take up as much space.

...but truly, you can delete a lot of those files when you've finished the project.
(they will be re-created when you re-compile).

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