hi, im a newbie in using vb2008 and mysql server 5.1.

i tried creating a dataset using the myodbc driver 5.1 (which im sure is correctly typed in because that is the exact same connection string i used for data manipulation within my app.

now, im stuck. i cannot generate any reports because the dataset i created can not return any field information w/c is confusing because it displays the names of the tables from the database.

is there any way i can import all the data i need to my reports programatically??

any suggestions and ideas will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance. :)

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if you are getting an empty dataset (with the field names from the database table), then it sounds like there are simply no records that satisfy the constraints of your query.

... and to answer your question, "YES", you can programmatically pull back data to fill your reports.

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