Anyone help me arrange user input in textbox to ascending format
like this:

text1.text = "98743201" NOTE: input numbers maybe random arrange or doubled

to *When a button is click.

text1.text = "01234789"

When all numbers are entered at once as a string, a possible solution is to use the following functions:

1. The Len(theString) Function
2. The Left(theString, 1) Function
3. The Cint(theString) Function

1. Gets the length count of the string
2. Gets the character, for each counted one, from left to right
3. Converts the string to an integer

Then I would use a sorting algorthim that you will have to research into yourself. These include Bubble Sort, Counting Sort, Insertion sort, etc. Placing them into a new order in an array...You could then put them into a string variable if you like.