Hi guys,
Using my desktop pc (Windows XP Professional), I copied songs from my cds to the computer thru Windows Media Player and then moved all the songs to my portable hard drive.
I connected my hard drive to my laptop (Vista Home Premium) and tried to play the files thru Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, WMP 11 did not play the file but opened a Mozilla Firefox window leading to a site that would ask me to download license.
Upon clicking the 'Download License' button, I encountered the error that said I had to install Windows Media Services plug-ins.
I searched for this plug-in and found out that it was associated with WMP 9 and not WMP 11 so I thought installation might cause conflicts or might create more errors. I'm not so good at computer and I don't even know which to install when WMP website gave me too many options and downloadables.
These make me so frustrated and I don't even know if I could still copy my songs from my hard drive to my laptop and play them.
Could someone please help me out? Please...

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This is a pain not matter how many times you do it; if the songs originated from a CD then it's likely they will contain a DRM of some kind or will require a license to play it.

Typically Media Player will automatically connect online and obtain it for you, however this will depend a lot on enviomental factors such as browser & version of Media Player etc.

Dazza :cool:

Why try WMP??? Use other interesting players like WinAmp and VLC, Real(obviously real requires a license)............

About the plug-ins required directly install the Codec Packages supported by wmp11(freeware) in case it asks for unknown file type.

Else install the required plug ins for wmp11 and not for wmp9.
Note that wmp detects what music you play(i.e) checks whether you've purchased or not and so, i do not recommend wmp for the music file you play.

cause a person need license or required plug-in and media user rights were the hell do you get it at.Ive been all over different sites,I cannot for the life of me find the shit my goodness.this is a bitch.

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