I am setting up a server that consists of 6 clients, but I'm not sure if getting Windows Small Business Server is the right thing to do. The only thing the "server" will be is a shared file hub, where each client will need access to a few partitioned drives simultaneously. Would anyone suggest that Windows XP Pro. could handle this need as long as the hardware was sufficient??

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See both way of accessing is different. If you plan to setup a server enviornment then your SBS will act as a domain controller and you will have better control over your users and resources on the server.
But if your main purpose is to share files without any security concern then making a shared folder on a windows XP box is the best bet in a workgroup environment.

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sbs will do. so will xppro for 5 clients.
actually the simplest and cheapest is a linux box with samba (it also has no user amount resrictions) or something like freeNAS

post hijacking?

can a pc running xp be used as a tftp server?

rather than hijaking someone's else post, that has been untouched for 3 years, the suggested approach is to start your own thread, especially since your question has no relation to the topic on hand.

to answer your question... yes, just install a TFTP application. Xp does not include one.

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