Hi all

when I run commend :

"C:\LJava\project\KTest2>java -cp .;org.freixas.jcalendar;.\build components.KTest2"
my code runs well

I then made a jar file with the command
"C:\LJava\project\KTest2>jar -cf KTest2.jar .\build\components\*.class"

my MANIFEST.MF 's content is :

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.7.0 (Oracle Corporation)
Main-Class: components.KTest2

but when I run command

"C:\LJava\project\KTest2>java -jar KTest2.jar"
I got the message
"Error: Could not find or load main class components.KTest2"

will anybody here teach me what i have done wrong ?

thank you

As always, check your spelling.
Look in the jar file with a zip file utility and check its contents.

You jar command doesn't appear to use the manifest file

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Hi NormRI
yes firstly I let jar command to create default manifest.
But then I open and added the third lines using winrar

thank you

Have you checked the JAR file to ensure the manifest really is there? Make sure you are invoking a JAR command which "packages" the manifest file in the JAR. Ensure there is a newline after the last manifest attribute. Read this. Follow up if it still doesn't work.

Hi -s.o.s-

yes it is there as I copy from the dos screen below

C:\LJava\project\KTest2>jar -tf KTest2.jar


The "build" folder shouldn't be part of your JAR file. Also, make sure that the KTest2 class has a main (entry point) method.

Please also note, that there should be either 1 0r two blank lines after the main class. i always use 2 just in case

hi all

# The "build" folder shouldn't be part of your JAR file. Also, make sure that the #

this is the problem
after moving the jar file to the same directory with the class
it works fines

thank you all


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