I am having trouble setting up these classes.

I need to set up a customer collection class that has one function GetCustomer(ByVal customerNumber As Integer) As Customer

The customer class reads a file and returns 5 fields and x number of records.

My question is do I set up the 5 properties(fields) in the Customer class and if there are 10 records that match how do I return the customer object to the customer collection class.

I don’t care about exact syntax but could someone show me how these 2 classes should look?

I'm guessing you mean the function GetCustomer reads a file and returns 5 fields and x number of records, as the class will only hold functions or subs.
I'm a bit confussed as the function has a non-optional customernumber as parameter so it should return only 1 record or am I wrong?

Well my application needs to search a flat file for x number of records and after it finds them it needs to loop through them and do some processing on them. My question is how many classes do i set up and how do i go about setting them up. ANy help you could offer would be much appreciated.